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Footsteps Battlefield Tours is a professional touring company focused on combining military history with local culture, food, and drink.


Our WW2 battlefield trips feature local guides and local hosts.

Dedicated to history and with a passion for detailed stories, our group set out to share our experiences with an international following.


With small groups we are able to give you our full attention. 

Footsteps Battlefield Tours work with small groups (maximum 16 persons) led by local tour guides and local hosts. We take you to the exact spots where significant events happened. Our tour guides are the right people, they live there and know the locals, history, and culture.


During your WW2 battlefield tour, you will stay in neat and cozy places. 

Because we work with local hosts, we take you to the enjoyable restaurants, chocolate factories, breweries, vineyards, etc. Of course, our main focus is on World War II, but we also realize the importance of a stop for a local beverage and a snack. We definitely hit the popular sites but also take you to very interesting hidden treasures. With Footsteps Battlefield Tours you get the fun and adventure of a lifetime

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Normandy | France

The Netherlands

Belgium & Luxembourg



Operation Overlord | D-Day

Operation Market Garden

The Battle of the Bulge

The Hurtgen Forrest

The Italian Campagin