Footsteps Battlefield Tours is a professional touring company focused on combining military history with local culture and gastronomy.

A battlefield trip with local guides and local hosts! Footsteps Battlefield Tours was founded in May 2020 by Bob Konings, who lives in Belgium and has been studying the Battle of the Bulge in particular. He has been a tour guide since 2010. As a member of “Footsteps Researchers”, he formed the Battlefield Tour Division with the help of the founder of Footsteps Researchers LLC, Myra Miller (St. Louis/ USA), and other members of the research group. Dedicated to the history and a passion for detailed stories, the group set out to discuss their visions. Within weeks, a plan was created and Footsteps Battlefield Tours was born with Bob serving as the director.

Small groups to give you the best attention! Footsteps Battlefield Tours will work with small groups (maximum 16 persons) led by local tour guides and local hosts. Small groups give us the opportunity to take you to the exact spots where events took place and give much attention and detail to the questions of our clients. All of our tour guides are living in the area where the fightings took place. It is their passion and they spend a lot of time researching the events that took place in World War II. They know the roads, exact spots, detailed stories, and will surprise you with a huge amount of original WWII pictures. The tour guides have access to original archival documents through Footsteps Researchers such as After Action reports, Morning Reports, original maps, and photographs/film. It is our goal to offer you the best battlefield tours possible.

Great stays, gastronomic places, and artisanal stops! Your local guides have a nose for neat places and cozy stays. All stays are selected by the tour host, in cooperation with the local tour guide. We have good contacts with the owners of guesthouses and hotels. In most cases, we start our tour directly in the battlefield area and some of these locations have their own WW2 history. The owner surely will tell you about it! In the evening you can enjoy a meal and take a rest. Because we work with local hosts, we can take you to the nicest restaurants, chocolate factories, breweries, vineyards, etc. Of course, our main focus is on World War II, but we also realize the importance of a stop for a local beverage and a snack. At the end of your stay, we will have dinner in a fine and extraordinary restaurant as a farewell to the country you are staying.

Museums included! During your trip, we will visit multiple museums. Your tour guide has selected the best museums, based on their knowledge and connection with stories. The museum will put an extra focus on the stories you have been told. Most museums have video’s from the area to give you an extra overview of the stories.

Footsteps Battlefield Tours: We know where you want to go!