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Thank you for choosing Footsteps Battlefield Tours! Get ready to walk the battlefields where soldiers fought to liberate Europe and change the course of history.

Please check out our current Battlefield Tours below by clicking on one of the images:.

Normandy to Germany 17-Day Tour

This 17-day battlefield tour will take you to a wide range of famous World War II locations from Normandy to Belgium to Holland and Germany.. In four different countries, with four experienced battle tour guides, you will experience a unique trip. Besides the battlefield tour, you will visit the country’s specialties in food and drink. Each footstep of the tour will end at a unique restaurant. This will be an experience you will never forget.

Italy to Germany 15-Day Tour

Italy as you have never seen it before! We have two main goals for your tour. First, you will enjoy a unique experience with us, and second, you will discover beautiful scenery and cities full of history and memories.

History is our job; quality is our pleasure. In your carefully selected accommodations you will taste all the best of this country: healthy and tasty food, great wines and cozy places.