Battlefield Tours – 2022

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Get ready to walk the battlefields where soldiers fought to liberate Europe and change the course of history.
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Your experienced battle tour guides will lead you through four different countries as you experience a once-in-a-lifetime trip.

Premiere Tours

Normandy to Germany

14-Day Tour

This 14-day battlefield tour will take you to a wide range of famous World War II locations from Normandy to Belgium, Holland, and Germany.  

Price: $5,950 Per Person – No Extra Fees Involved!

92nd (Segregated) Division in Massa, ITaly

Italy to Germany

14-Day Tour

Italy as you have never seen it before! We have two main goals for your tour. First, you will enjoy a unique historical experience with amazing people, and second, you will discover beautiful scenery and visit incredible villages and cities along the way.

Price: $5,950 Per Person – No Extra Fees Involved!

Highlight Tours

5th Infantry Division

12- Day Tour

This 12-day battlefield tour will take you in the footsteps of the US 5th Infantry Division. From Utah Beach your footsteps will follow the route of these brave men from France to Frankfurt.

The entire experience is focused on the Division’s history during World War II. You will experience a delightful trip through France, Luxembourg, and Germany led by several experienced battle tour guides. There will be many surprises along the way!

Price: $5,450 Per Person – No Extra Fees Involved!


Market Garden Hurtgen - Ardennes


Normandy Tour Extended

Battle of the Bulge Tour Extended

Hurtgen Forest and Aachen Tour

Extended Italy Battlefield Tour

Italy to Southern France Tour