92nd (Segregated) Division in Massa, ITaly

Italy to Germany

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Italy as you have never seen it before! We have two main goals for your tour. First, you will enjoy a unique experience with us, and second, you will discover beautiful scenery and cities full of history and memories.

History is our job; quality is our pleasure. In your carefully selected accommodations you will taste all the best of this country: healthy and tasty food, great wines and cozy places.

Part one of your journey will be …(what goes here?)
Part two of your journey will be an amazing trip in the Munchen/ Germany area, visiting famous places like Berchtesgaden and Obersalzberg, historical sites in Munchen and the former concentration camp of Dachau.

DAY 1: Tuscany – Florence
Is there a better place to begin? You will be welcomed by our tour guide Alessio Parisi to one of the most famous cities of the world, full of history, culture, and arts. Our bus will take you from the airport to your accommodation in Florence. You may rest or you can enjoy the city crossing the Arno river on the Ponte Vecchio bridge. Do you know that the world-famous Ponte Vecchio was the only bridge to survive the war?

DAY 2 – Tuscany – The Chianti
Here we go! You will cross the country roads that Allied armies walked in the hot summer of 1944 during the Rome-Arno Campaign: smooth hills with long lines of cypresses and vineyards as far as the eye can see. Our host will show you the wonders of the Chianti area where you can taste the best of Tuscany’s food and wine in selected locations.

DAY 3 -Tuscany – Scarperia and Giogo Pass
When the going gets tough, the tough get going! Today we will start our tour following the footsteps of the regiments which blew up the Gothic line in September 1944. The tour starts in Scarperia, where a visit to the MuGot (Museum of Gothic line) will introduce you to the history and the battles of 85th and 91st U.S. Divisions, followed up by a visit to Monte Altuzzo battlefield (with original German bunkers) and the Giogo Pass. We will cross the border between Tuscany and Emilia Romagna following stories of the GIs in the heart of the Gothic Line.

DAY 4 – Emilia Romagna – Castel del Rio
The struggle for the Gothic Line is not over yet. We will pass the Apennines and visit the most important battlefields of the area following the paths of the famous Blue Devils. Castel del Rio was taken after a week of hard fighting by the men of the 88th Division. From the Santerno River to Monte Battaglia: a unique battlefield tour in the heart of the western Gothic line in the beauty of the Apennines.

DAY 5 – Emilia Romagna – Bologna
A short trip to Bologna will introduce you to the life and struggles of the civilians in northern Italy during the last years of the war. The city was bombed almost a hundred times. We will visit the medieval town center and traces of the war in the “Museo memoriale della Libertà.” Our bus will bring you to Montese for the night, passing through Marzabotto and the Reno river.

DAY 6 – Montese
Our day tour will begin from Montese to follow the path of the glorious 10th Mountain Division and the FEB, the Expeditionary Force from Brazil, which fought in this area. You will see foxholes and bunkers on a battlefield tour with our experts, but don’t miss out on the local food and wine, especially the cheese of Parmigiano. We will visit the Pamigiano factory here in Montese.

Day 7 – Lucca Viareggio and Sarzana
Today we will follow the Buffalo Soldiers of the 92nd Division from the cold days of December 1944, during German operation Wintergevitter, to the sunny days of April 1945. You will stop in Viareggio for a break with seafood and white wine from Tuscany, walking on the famous liberty boardwalk. The day will end with a delicious dinner with a view of La Spezia gulf.

DAY 8 – Ligurian Riviera
A great day is waiting for you. Our local expert will drive our group to the battlefield with original World War II vehicles, visiting the operational area of 473rd Infantry Regiment and the famous 442nd Regimental Combat Team. Do you know the history of U.S. Senator Daniel Inouye? He was a lieutenant in the 442nd and he gained a Medal of Honor during the fighting for Colle Musatello, which we will tour on this wonderful day. We will move to Genova passing through the Cinque Terre’s beautiful landscapes close to the sea. We will be following the path of the last days of war in Liguria.

DAY 9 – Genova
Have you ever imagined a big artillery bunker inside a mountain or a naval shell unexploded inside a cathedral? Now you will see them. We are in Genova, our tour guide’s hometown. Small walkable streets called “caruggi,” medieval churches in the heart of the town, and the unique history of the only city where German HQ surrendered to the local partisan’s committee.
Our tour ends here. We will spend the evening eating food from the Ligurian tradition and walking through the old harbor where medieval docks and modern buildings stand face to face.

DAY 10 – Travel Day
Today we will leave Italy and travel to Germany, where tour guide David Martin will be expecting us.

Germany: “The Third Reich in Flames” Tour
Day 11: The Obersalzberg and Berchtesgaden
Bavaria: Your tour guide David Martin, will meet you at your hotel in Munich and accompany you on the picturesque drive out to the Berchtesgaden area. On the way you will witness wonderful scenery: the high, snowcapped mountains of the Bavarian Alps, crystal clear alpine streams and rivers, deep valley gorges, rolling green hills, farmland and the many quaint, pretty and well-tended traditional Bavarian villages along the route.

Berchtesgaden: When we arrive in the stunning little Bavarian town of Berchtesgaden, we will take you to the beautiful Obersalzberg mountain area high above the town to show you where Hitler and many high-ranking Nazis had their holiday homes. You will see the foundations of Hitler’s Berghof and we will follow in his daily footsteps by taking a leisurely stroll to the former Teehause location. There, on a clear day, across the mountains you can see Salzburg Castle in Austria! The view is incredible.
We will spend the late afternoon in beautiful & tranquil Berchtesgaden itself, meandering round its ancient, cobbled streets

Day 12: The Eagles nest and Konigssee
Eagles nest: We will leave our hotel and drive the up the steep Obersalzberg mountain, to visit the stunning Eagle’s Nest location, (Kehlsteinhaus) perched high up on the crest of the Kehlstein mountain. The views from the Eagle’s Nest on a clear day are breathtaking. What a fantastic location to sample a famous Bavarian local beer, or a glass of wine, while taking in the incredible views! A wonderful place to take your holiday photos!
Konigssee: We then drive down to Berchtesgaden and out to the famous Konigssee Lake. We will have lunch in this idyllic location and a short stroll around its shore, before returning to Berchtesgaden, for our final highlight – the very popular & historical Salt Mine.
We then return to our hotel for a delicious traditional evening meal.

Day 13: Munich
Munich: We step out of our hotel and drive to Munich. Here we begin our walking tour of Munich’s Old Town. We will see some wonderful architecture in this beautiful city and visit many locations associated with the Third Reich era such as the Feldherrnhalle, the Hofbrauhaus, the Isator, the Siegestor and the Glyptotek on the Konigsplatz.

We will have lunch outside a traditional Bavarian restaurant, as we soak up the vibrant atmosphere of this charming city before continuing our walking tour in the afternoon.

Day 14:  Munich & Dachau
Dachau: We spend the morning exploring what was once the vast & notorious Nazi concentration camp of Dachau.

We have our lunch in the pretty medieval town of Dachau, before returning to Munich where we will visit a very old & famous brewery to sample some superb local German beer.
In the early evening we will end the tour with a traditional German meal in a Munich restaurant.

Day 15: Leaving Germany
This is the last day of your tour. Our bus will transfer you to the airport where you will check in and board your plane.

Your main Guides: Alessio Parisi and David Martin!