The Team

The Footsteps Battlefield Tours (FBT) team is a unique combination of international members. With a focus on World War II, our military historians, local experts, tour guides and hosts deliver a once-in-a-lifetime experience on every trip. The FBT program provides educational and travel experiences as a division of the professional research group Footsteps Researchers, LLC.

Bob Konings

Director and Battle of the Bulge Tour Guide
Bob Konings, director of the Footsteps Battlefield Tours program, is a former teacher from the Netherlands. In 2010, he started as a battlefield tour guide in the Ardennes. He has done astounding research on the conflict from both German and Allied sides. Bob specializes in lesser known battles of WW2.

Bob is an entertaining storyteller. Strolling through woods and villages, he will point out foxholes, craters, and other evidence of the war’s damage. He knows how to translate a veteran’s footsteps into an understandable story for relatives.

Bob and his wife, Eveline, own a guesthouse “Bo Temps” in Grandmenil. The town was the center of heavy fighting during the Battle of the Bulge. To read more about Bob Konings, go to:  http://www.battletour.be ,

Joey van Meesen, MA

Administrator and Netherlands Tour Guide
Joey van Meesen is a military historian and film maker based in the Netherlands. He works for the Dutch Marine Corps Museum in Rotterdam. As SNAFU DOCS, he makes World War II YouTube documentaries. Specializing in archival material of the US Army, Navy, and Marine Corps, he has contributed to several national and international documentary projects as a researcher and historical consultant.

He is the co-founder and lead researcher of Footsteps Researchers. His name is on the credits of the Academy Award Winning – Best Documentary Short Film, “Colette.” He is a highly sought after expert of WW2 with a masters degree in Military History.

To watch his YouTube videos, go to:

Myra Miller, PhD

Administrator and Tour Host
Myra Miller gathers the archival documents, manages the reservations, general administration, and client communication for Footsteps Battlefield Tours.

 Myra is co-founder of Footsteps Researchers, specializing in World War II research using archival documents from the National Archives at NARA St. Louis and College Park. Through her non-profit, Legacy: Lost & Found, she assists in returning war relics to the families of the soldiers to whom they once belonged. She is also an expert on the 83rd Infantry Division.

She and her family formed Miller Publishing LLC and published Soldiers’ Stories: A Collection of WWII Memoirs, Volume I and Volume II available at

Florent Plana

Normandy Tour Guide
Florent Plana is a French native with a deep passion for WW2 history. He currently resides in Bayeux, France, in the heart of the D-Day battle sites. Florent spent four years traveling the United States, interviewing over 900 WW2 veterans and preserving their stories. He did this out of gratitude for what they did to liberate his country.

He graduated with a bachelors degree in history from the University Pierre Mendès France and a masters degree in Business and Tourism from the University Joseph Fourier. Florent also has a background working internationally and has been the historian for different networks and documentaries in the U.S. and in France. He has worked with ABC, Discovery Channel, and Canal +.

Florent and his wife Jenny Post operate their tour company, World War II Veterans’ Memories. You can find out more about Florent and his company here: WWII Veterans Memories – Preserving the Legacy and the Memories of WWII Veterans (

David Martin

Germany Tour Guide
David Martin was born in England and has lived in Southern Germany since 2015. He is a professional WW2 tour guide and researcher and owns WhiteCross Battlefield Tours.

In his spare time David likes reading, hiking, traveling, meeting new people, music and photography. His enthusiasm and working attitude is visible in his tours. “Being a tour guide is an extremely rewarding profession and I love walking with my guests around former battlefields.”

Please check out more information about David,

Alessio Parisi, MA

Italy Tour Guide
Alessio Parisi was born in Genova, Italy, in 1990. He studied at the Università degli Studi di Genova, writing a masters thesis on war propaganda and popular culture in Italy during the First World War.

Since 2010, he has been a researcher in the Istituto ligure per la storia della Resistenza e dell’età contemporanea (Ilsrec). Alessio works on partisan and guerrilla warfare and the history of the Italian campaign between 1943 and 1945.

In 2015, he began to research US Army files and records focusing on the Second World War in his part of Italy. In 2017, with the partnership of the OSS Society, he started a research project about OSS and Italo-American secret agents in northern Italy.

Alessio lives in Genoa with his wife, Chiara, and they have a beautiful young daughter named Vittoria.

Jenny Post

Tour Host

Jenny Post is a USA transplant who moved to Bayeux, France in 2019, after marrying her French husband, Florent Plana. She has a love of history, culture, and travel, and enjoys sharing that passion with others.

She grew up in the beautiful small town of Bedford, Virginia and previously worked at the National D-Day Memorial. In the D-Day invasion her town lost more men per capita than any other town in America. She has a strong connection with historic places in Normandy, especially Omaha Beach. She has a very deep respect for our veterans, past and present.

Jenny and Flo own and operate WWII Veterans’ Memories, a tour company based in Normandy. They recently added jeep tours to their operation. She enjoys meeting and helping visitors from all over the world to have memorable experiences as they explore historic places in France.

Kathryn Vicat

Tour Host

Born in upstate New York in the middle of a raging blizzard, Kathryn moved with her family to Springfield, Missouri at a young age. The youngest of seven and the mother of two daughters, she relates strongly to families and their stories.

Kathryn met Myra Miller more than 30 years ago and the two have shared many adventures together. After graduating from Missouri State University and getting married, Kathryn worked in youth based not-for-profits and education before starting a career in Event Management/Catering.

She puts her organizational skills to good use by coordinating activities, serving as tour assistant, and working behind the scenes to support the entire research team.  “It’s an honor to do the work we do,” said Kathryn, “I thought I understood history and what it meant to go to war. I was wrong. I don’t think anyone can truly understand unless it was their journey, but anything I can do to help a family understand and find closure is a true privilege.”  Her email address is

Eveline Konings

Tour Host

Besides being one of the hosts on your tour, Eveline is also the hostess of the “Bo Temps” guesthouse in the Belgian Ardennes.

Together with her husband (FBT tour guide, Bob Konings) and their two sons, she moved from the Netherlands to the Ardennes in 2008. Even though it was just one country away it was a world of difference for her and her family. Eveline had to get used to a different language, a different culture, and different habits. She speaks French, English, German, and of course Dutch. She is highly informed on Belgian and Dutch places of interest to foreign tourists.

When Eveline is not hosting, she works as a psychologist in her own practice.