Upcoming Footsteps Battlefield Tours

We are excited and optimistic that we will be able to launch our unique Footsteps Battlefield Tours in Fall 2021. With vaccines rolling out, we are paying close attention to travel restrictions and access to the countries we have planned on our exciting trips. It is very important that we provide safe travel experiences for everyone and we are doing our diligence to make that happen.

Our team of experienced Battlefield Guides and Tour Hosts have been working on three fantastic tours with exact dates to be announced:

  • Normandy to Germany Battlefield Tour – September 2021
  • 5th Infantry Division Battlefield Tour – October 2021
  • Italy to Germany Battlefield Tour – November 2021

It is important to note that we are limiting all tours to 16 passengers. We will strictly follow all COVID guidelines based on each country’s requirements.

Keep an eye on our Facebook page and we will be sharing updates as we get clearance to take reservations. We will be happy to take questions and quickly respond about our tours via info@footsteps-battlefield-tours.com.

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